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Food Vendor Information

Food Vending at the Sarasota County Fair

The Sarasota County Fair has incredible independent food vendors offering a wide selection of food items. The Fair Management invites vendors to our fair with limitations on the number of booths allowed and a limitation on food items so as to reduce duplication. The Fair does not have a vendor application as openings are generally not available on a year to year basis. Anyone interested in submitting their food operation as a potential vendor should email their information and pictures to the Sarasota County Fair at info@sarasotafair.com.

Food Vendor Guidelines from the FDACS

The Department of Business and Professional Regulation conducts temporary event inspections and licensing. In order for the food vendors to operate, they must have a license, with few exceptions. The attached information in PDFs is for food vendors. Anybody who is already licensed through Department of Agriculture (DACS) or through us (DBPR) is not required to get a temporary license or pay a fee. They must provide a copy of their current FDACS/DBPR license in order to operate at the fair.

For any food vendor not already licensed, they will need to have a money order or cashier's check for $105 (for a 4-30 day event) or $456 (for an annual license).

In order to receive a temporary event license and to operate, all food vendors are required to have a probe thermometer, sanitizer (bleach or quaternary ammonium), sanitizer chemical test strips, three-compartment sink (bus tubs, anything that can clean the largest piece of equipment), hand washing station (a method for water to flow freely and a way to catch the wastewater), soap, paper towels, overhead covering, hair restraints, back-up utensils, sufficient supply of potable water, protection from flying insects/dust/vermin, food protection (lids, display cases, covers, etc.), consumer advisory for raw or undercooked food.

If any food vendor does not have their money order and all the required items to operate, they will not be permitted to operate.

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